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How the Heat Transfer Process Works

Professional Heat Transfer printing is a very easy way to print images with many colors on shirts.
Skateboard Picture
Your Image
      The first step of the process is to get the picture that you would like. We will put it in our computers and touch-up the image.
     We then print this from our high quality printers on commercial heat transfer paper. Although this is similar to iron-on paper that you can get at a retail store, it is NOT. The commercial paper we use will last much longer, and will not peel, fade, or bleed.
Image on Transfer Paper
Image on Transfer Paper
Paper being cut
Each Image is cut out
     Each image is hand cut. We commonly add a small border around an image to aid in durability.
     The image is accurately positioned on the product using lasers to ensure straightness. Then it goes to the Heat Press. A Heat Press is like a really big iron that can evenly put down hundreds of pounds of pressure, while accurately controlling temperatures.
Heat Transfer Press
Heat Transfer Press
Heat Press with Shirt
The heat and pressure melt the image to the item
      The commercial paper that the image is printed on melts into the fibers of the clothing, making it a part of the item without disturbing the image.
     Using the Heat Transfer method we are able to print in as many colors as you would like and on any color fabric. The colors come out bright and bold.

Final Heat Shirt

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