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View or Download Free Fonts

Here is a list of text fonts we have. If you don't see any that you like, AcidFonts.com and DaFont.com have many more. Just tell us the free font name, or send us a font to use.

You can see what your text looks like in a specific font here

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Any font from these lists can be used as text to customize any of our products like T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, etc. A Custom T-Shirt is as low as $12.99! Use the navagation bar on the left to learn more.

View free fonts in Local Hero's Library

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Free Fonts


   How to Install Fonts
  1. To Install fonts in Windows (after downloading), click Start>Control Panel>Fonts

  2. Once you're in the Fonts folder click File>Install New Font.

  3. Find the font that you downloaded from Local Hero and click OK.

  4. The font should now be available in any word processing program.
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